25 years


Crash Testing

Leak Testing (for Whole Wheel Leak)


Vehicle Logger

Visual Inspection

Primary & Secondary Plunger Assembly for Brake Assembly with Vision Inspection

CRDi Rail Assembly Machine

Vision Based Inspection System for Brake (Wheel Cylinder)

Bearing Assembly Machine for Fuel Pump Housing

Pin Measurement System

Fuel Pump Durability testing

Composite seat testing Machine (for Cars)

CRDi Jet Flow Checking

Door Closure Performance & Endurance Testing

Vision Inspection of Engine Gaskets (Fire Ring presence)

Fuel Dispenser Pump Flow Checking Machine

Gas spring endurance test

Gasspring Assembly Line

GLock testing for Seat Belt ELRs

Induction Hardening Machine for Rods

Instrument Panel Assembly & Inspection System

Run-out Checking and Low Point Marking Machine for Car Wheels and Truck Wheels


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