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Bore Cleaning Machine

The Bore Cleaning Machine is a semi-automatic. It is designed to perform buffing and cleaning operations in the Caliper Housing components. Component loading and unloading are manual. The machine consists of 3 station (6 Index) indexing table with 3 sets of fixtures each having a pneumatic clamping arrangement. First station is for component loading / unloading, Second station consists of horizontal and vertical slide for buffing assembly and, Third station for cleaning operation. Rotary union is used to distribute air for cylinders on the indexing table.

The separate control panel is provided to mount all the electrical sub system. The machine is controlled through Programmable logic controller and HMI unit for sequence and interfaced with sensors and other control elements to meet different functions and necessary interlocks. Error free sequential operation is ensured with the help of positive feedback interlocks interfaced to the PLC. All the co-ordination movements are performed with the help of pneumatic actuators.


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