25 years


Crash Testing

To test the ELR unit by simulating with crash sledge facility

The control desk to be installed in the control room. Light control unit consists of 9 sets of electrical contactor to control the power supply to various light units on the light frame. Two light frames are provided each carrying 12 nos. of light units. The Light control unit is mounted near to the crash barrier on the sled track.

The drive motor is anchored on the floor at the one end of the Sled track. The drive motor is provided with the magnetic brake, a gear and Pulley set to drive the sled using a wire rope and a hook. The hook and a wire rope coupled to the clamp on the sled using pneumatic cylinder.

The instrumentation system consists of a fast transient recorder for data acquisition. The transient recorder is connected to various sensors on the sled. The various sensors are :

  • Accelerometer
  • Displacement transducers
  • Optical Sensor for speed measurement
  • Optical Sensor for Trigger

The Crash Test System is provided with visual and audible annunciators for safety of operating personnel during the testing. The test sequence is interlocked with doors to ensure proper operation of the system with safety recommended procedures.

The pneumatic subsystem consists of FRL unit and cylinders cylinders are used to brakes and to operate the holding clamp. The sled is moved along the track in manual mode to the operator console. The movement of the sled between the Bunghee chords pulley assemblies on the track.


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