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Diaphragm Crimping and Valve Body Assembly Machine

This machine performs the function of crimping and proof test of Brake actuator sub-assembly used in 4 wheelers. It is a semi automatic production machine.

Assembly of various components such as ratio disc, reaction disc, locking of retainer ring, assembly of output rod etc. This machine also does the operation of greasing of minor diaphragm using grease pump.

Apart from crimping, the machine also does proof test of the valve body assembly. The machine control and sequence are done by the highly reliable industrial standard PLC based system. The position feed back of all the operating elements is obtained through inductive proximity sensors, Fiber optical sensor and reed switches.

This machine comprises of essential parts such as Vibratory feeder, Grease pump, Pneumatic sub-system, Control sub-system etc.


M/s Brakes India Limited, Chennai
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