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KISI Gears Assembly Machine

The Kisi Gears Assembly Machine is a semi-automatic machine. It is designed for assembling Fixed Gear at the exact location as per the angle specified for the ELR assembly. Machine is be suitable for both LH /RH & other models based on no. of turns with change over fixtures for each type. This machine built with self-contained control panels and pneumatic panel. Error free assembly during production is ensured by the help of positive feedback through interlocks interfaced to the PLC. All the co-ordination movements are performed with the help of pneumatic actuators.

The control system is based on industrial standard and highly reliable programmable logic controller (PLC). It controls the operating sequence of the various operating elements with the help of feedback signals from various status sensors. HMI unit is used to monitor the sequence and also displays the fault messages, which helps in easy maintenance.


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