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Metering Valve Assembly Machine

The Metering Valve Assembly Equipment is a highly accurate semi-automatic Press machine designed for Pressing the components namely Metering valve body and Arm. The machine also performs the proof load test after assembling the Metering valve. Error free sequential operation is ensured with the help of positive feedback interlocks interfaced to the DAQ Module.

The basic structure is fabricated out of MS plates with intermittent support ribs. All the sub assemblies are mounted on to the scrapped surfaces. This machine mainly consists of a hydraulic operated ram unit, proof test assembly and Fixtures. The fixtures are provided with non-contact sensors for component mistake proofing. All the co – ordination movements are performed by the hydraulic cylinders. The ram and proof test assemblies’ houses the load-measuring device. High-resolution linear scales used for monitoring the position feedback of assembly cylinder and proof test cylinder during the sequence.

Light curtain has been provided in the area of operator viscinity for safety. Suitable sheet metal / acrylic guards have been provided wherever applicable. The control system is based on industrial standard and highly reliable DAQ modules. It takes care of sequencing of all the operating elements in correlation with the feedback from various status sensor inputs. The associated basic electrical control & safety circuits suitably support the control subsystem.

A PC add-on DAQ module namely PCL-812 is used for measuring the analogue signals from the load sensors in addition to providing the interface for the necessary I/O controls. Another card namely PCL-833 has been used for monitoring the high precision output from the linear scale (MT 25).


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