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M-Logistics - Mobile Logistics

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This is a low cost solution that uses a combination of GSM and GPS technologies to track moving assets. The system comprises of two units:

A Base station and the transmitter unit (Mobicom)

The base station consists of a PC or a server. Its purpose is to transmit data requirements and present it to the user. Using normal phone lines, it logs in directly to the Mobicom transmitter unit.

The Base station:

1. Monitors the activities of the moving vehicle
2. Processes the positional data and identifies location
3. Responds to requests from various remote base station users

Requests can be either via users logging in via their ID or by by periodic requests that have been preset.

The Mobicom transmitter unit is fitted onto the vehicle comprises of a GPS receiver and a GSM receive/transmit unit. The GPS receiver is responsible for measuring and providing the positioning co-ordinates to the GSM unit’s memory. The co-ordinates are updated frequently. On contacted, data in transferred to the server which processes it. Identification of the vehicle is via the SIM card number. On receipt of data, the server converts the data and displays it in the form of a table or on a digitized map.


Our M- Logistics Product is a State of the Art Firmware and Software Solution for Fleet and Productivity Management. It is built around our proprietary MMTP- Microcon Modular Telematic Platform.

This is a hardware, firmware system, which consists of GSM/CDMA, GPS, 802.11/Bluetooth, Micro controllers and discrete I/O Systems. This platform supports CAN bus, J1850 and is ideally suited for in- vehicle telematics.

The main Features of the MMTP Platform are:

  • MMTP supports GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN, CAN Controller with a programmable flash memory and high performance CPU
  • Bluetooth/WLAN interface capability
  • Combined GPS/GSM Module
  • In built memory capable of storing data for 12 days when vehicle is being tracked at a one-hour frequency
  • RS 232 interface
  • 8 Digital I/O and 8 Analog I/O support
  • Message to voice support
  • Remote configuration of tracking/notigying frequency

Ideal Applications are Logistics, Power (fault diagnostics and early warning), wireless appliances (home automation).

Mobicom Unit

The mobicom unit built around the MMTP platform forms the core of the Tracking/Fleet Management solution and is fitted into the vehicle or the asset that needs to be tracked.

The main features of this Mobicom Unit are:

  • DIN size (car stereo) MMTP unit
  • Compatable to 12V DC & 24V DC
  • Sleek and rugged enclosure suitable of extreme terrains
  • Indoor mountable GPs/GSM combination
  • SOS feature enables the driver to report in case of any emergency
  • Status Message feature enables the driver to report status of delivery of goods
  • Optimizes fleet utilization
  • Enhances customer safety


Logistics & Fleet Tracking

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