25 years


MTRP - Microcon Trans Range Platform

Microcon Trans range platform supports short range and long range communication through wired/ wireless and Internet media. It is a highly open modular design, which has a multi interface option to BUS, SCADA, VXI, and VAT etc.

MTRP facilitates the configuring and control of machines and systems from a remote base station. It can communicate with PLC's, read their digital inputs and control the output of the PLC's. Critical data from the machine or system are pushed to the user's mobile / PC by MTRP at fixed intervals. MTRP in site application ensures a high-dedicated control over the entire network and reduces the deployment cost.

Some of the other applications of MTRP are:

  • Wireless Data Acquisition System
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Point of Sale
  • Marketing Communications - Markcom


  • MTRP supports GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, WLAN, CAN with a programmable interface
  • Flash memory and high performance CPU
  • Push and pull of Picture and Text Messages through Wired (RS 232 / RS 485) / Internet interface
  • Push and pull of Text Messages through Mobile as an SMS Message



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