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OD Turning Machine

The OD turning machine for Stator Coil Core is a semi-automatic machine designed for fine turning of the outer diameter of Stator coil core assembly. This machine is compact with self-contained pneumatic and electrical control panels. Error free sequential operation is ensured with the help of positive feedback interlocks interfaced to the programmable logic controller. All the co-ordination movements are performed with the help of pneumatically operated actuators.

An auto unloading assembly is provided for automatic component unloading after completion of turning operation. The machine also features a Dust Collector unit with suitable collection hood for collection of the metal debris flying out of the component while turning operation.

The control system is based on industrial standard and highly reliable PLC system. It takes care of sequencing of all the operating elements in correlation with the feedback from various sensor inputs. The associated basic electrical control & safety circuits suitably support the control sub system.


M/s India Nippon Electricals Limited, Hosur
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