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Seal Curling Machine

The curling machine is a semi-automatic machine designed for carry out the curling operation of metal rings. This machine is compact with self contained pneumatic and control panels. An acrylic safety guard closes the fixture area while the curling operation is in progress. Error free sequential operation is ensured with the help of positive feedback interlocks interfaced to the programmable logic controller.

The mechanical subsystem consists of a rotating spindle driven by a motor coupled through clutch-brake unit. The transmission of motor drive is through ‘V’ groove pulley belt arrangement. The spindle houses a spring loaded three jaw chuck to hold the component firmly in place while the curling operation. All these sub assemblies are mounted on a rigid table structure. The clutch-brake unit, motor are mounted on the bottom side of the table. Two numbers of hydraulic cylinders actuating respective curling rollers are mounted on a bridge beam supported by two legs. The fixtures and the curling rollers are of quick change type.

The control system is based on PLC. It takes care of sequencing of all the operating elements in correlation with the feedback inputs. The control sub system is suitably supported by the associated basic electrical control & safety circuits.


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