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Weld Frame Rectification Machine

Weld Frame Rectification SPM is a Special Purpose Machine designed for removal of undue deflections encountered in the motorbike frames after the welding process. The machine is capable of offering corrections for the following parameters of interest.

  1. Head pipe tilt
  2. Head pipe shift
  3. Shock absorber Boss LH
  4. Shock absorber Boss RH
  5. Seating plane tilt

The machine is a stand-alone semi-automatic type featuring mechanical, Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, software and instrumentation subsystems. The PC aided by an add-on controller card takes total machine sequence. Component loading and unloading is done manually.

The control system is PC based. It consists of 12-bit data acquisition module. It is interfaced with the signals from the various field connections through the suitable signal conditioning circuits. It also carries suitable circuits for monitoring and capturing signals, which also takes care of machine sequence control. The associated electrical control and safety circuits are incorporated based on industrial standard.


M/s Bharat Technologies Auto Components Limited, Hosur
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